SSC Routine 2020 All Board

SSC Routine 2020 All Board.

SSC Exam Scheduleঃ

(a) Exam (Change) start Date: 03 February 2020

(b) Exam Finished: 29 February 2020

(c) SSC Exam Time:

“SSC Routine 2020 With PDF Download”

SSC Exam Special Information:

  • Must arrive at the test center at least 01 (one) hour before the start.
  • You must take with you the things you need (scale, pen, rover, calculator, pencil).
  • Carrying mobile or electrical devices in the test center is strictly prohibited.
  • Any illegal activities at the test center are strictly prohibited.
  • If any stain or mistake is made, the answer sheet will be considered void.
  • If there is a mistake/error, there will be no chance of correction, so it should be filled very carefully.
  • If you make a small mistake, you need to notify Room Sir and correct it. Otherwise the answer sheet will be considered void. 
  • The questions that can be written better should be written at the beginning. Questions that don’t seem to be written well should be written at the end. Because if the writing quality is good at the beginning, good marks are obtained.
  • The complete answer sheet should be thoroughly checked after the end of the test or at least 10 (ten) minutes before the end of writing.
  • As soon as the test is over you have to read the complete answer sheet and hand the answer sheet to the teacher as soon as the bell rings. Otherwise, if the answer sheet collides with the sir or it is pulled too fast, it is likely to be torn and the answer sheet will be considered void.
  • After writing the answer sheet of the first test, after taking any additional paper/page, you have to write the serial number correctly at the end of the test paper.
  • Once a sir expels someone, the aggrieved student will not be able to take any exam that year. You will need to take the test one year later and the following year.

Practical Exam Schedule:

(1) Practical examination of all subjects including music from

(2) The exam will start from

(3) In the practical examination of the music part of the music subject, the examiner has to be present at the center at 9.30 am on the scheduled date for admission, registration card and teacher identification. Only practical answer sheets should be used for practical examination.


Practical and Oral Exam Schedule:

  • The test will start at ——–.

SSC Routine 2020 With PDF Download

SSC Routine PDF Download

“Madrasha Board Routine 2020”

Dakhil RoutinePDF Download

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PDF with SSC exam 2020 schedule is given.  All the rules and regulations concerning the convenience of all the examiners have been discussed.

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