National University convocation 2020

National University convocation 2020. A second convocation will be held later this year, a statement said. The conclave will be chaired by the President and Vice Chancellor of the National University, Md. Abdul Hamid. After 27 years of establishment, the university authorities have decided to re-convene the National University.

The decision was taken at an annual special senate session on Saturday (February 15) at the main campus of National University in Gazipur. The students of the National University were ashamed to see the opening of a public university for several days and demanded from the university authorities to protest the various colleges.

In response to this demand, the authorities of the National University spoke of the convention and made the decision at the annual special senate session. The Vice-Chancellor of the National University presided over the Senate session. Harun-or-Rashid.

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Welcome to the conclusions, however …

The deadline for the ceremonies has not yet been set. However, the authorities are starting to put the month ahead (approximately) next October. The university authorities will soon meet the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Md. Abdul Hamid.

The date of the second convocation will be determined immediately after the interview. In that case, the second convention is expected to be held any day from October to December next.
The first convocation was held on January 17, 2017 at the National University. A total of 4,932 people had registered to attend the convention. The conclave was held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital.

The convention was presided over by President and Chancellor Md. Abdul Hamid. The then University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman Professor Abdul Mannan was present as the commemoration lecture.

National University convocation 2020

National University convocation 2020

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Ethical rights of the students who are admitted to the National University. After reviewing the matter, the university authorities have reached the decision of the convention. It is expected that the conclave will be held later this year. This convocation will be the 2nd time. The details of when and where the first convocation took place is written on our website.

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